Financial services

Banking and financial services:
We assist in preparation, review, standardisation, legal audits, and negotiation of, and conduct of training on documents, for various banking and financial products and services, including syndication, lease finance, Islamic financing, ISDA,

foreign exchange financing, banking software and electronic banking, and security documents. We may advise on likelihood of debt recovery and workout solutions. We may file proceedings at various courts for debt recovery under the Negotiable Instruments Act and Aurtho Rin Adalat Ain.

Corporate finance:
We offer legal advice and assistance in various forms of corporate finance for companies operating in Bangladesh, in domestic and foreign currency, including bonds.

The firm have experience in both domestic and international commercial arbitration. Barrister Gazi, partner of the firm, has extensive experience in national and international arbitration.

Company matters and secretarial services

Formation of companies:
We offer services of legal advice, preparation of documents and registration of a company with limited liability in Bangladesh, together with preparation of initial statutory registers and documents.

Reorganization of companies:
We assist in customizing memorandum and articles of association, restructure of board of directors and share capital, in acquisitions, takeovers, reorganizations, de-mergers or amalgamations of companies in Bangladesh, including statutory applications to regulators and courts.

Buy alavert d online Company secretarial support services:
We support company secretarial activities, including preparation of corporate meeting documents, company registry filings, regulatory notifications, compliance with related statutory and shareholder agreement requirements. We may conduct briefings on duties of directors and corporate governance compliance.

Legal due diligence:
We conduct legal due diligence of companies for acquisition, sale or other reorganization, or as an ongoing business, including on areas of corporate matters, licenses and registrations, employment, property, intellectual property and litigation.

Tax matters

Income tax, VAT and customs duties:
We advise on income tax, value added tax and customs duties matters, and offer legal assistance in references, review of assessments and demands for payment within the National Board of Revenue, and to courts.


General insurance and life insurance:
We offer services for review of claims for payment, issue of reply to legal notices demanding payment under policies, and filing of proceedings at various courts in connection with policies.

Intellectual Property

Copyright and Trade Marks:
We offer services in advising, registration and assignment or transfer of copyright and trademarks, and infringement and defence of registrations of trade mark in courts.


Movable property:
We offer services of preparation, review, negotiation and dispute resolution of documents for sale, purchase and security of movable property, and claims for damages thereto, including machinery, equipment and vehicles, and rendering legal advice thereto.

Immovable property:
We offer services of preparation, review, negotiation and dispute resolution of documents for sale, purchase and mortgages of land, buildings, apartments and other fixtures, and claims for damages thereto, including construction and development, and rendering legal advice thereto. We also offer reviewing and investigating of the title and ownership of the property (freehold, leasehold, residential and commercial premises) and the authenticity of the owner including preparing title search report. The firm is also involved in vetting agreements, Memorandum of Understanding, Power of Attorney, long and short term leases and succession & family matters. The firm has attained extensive experiences on transfer of immovable properties including, among others, selling, gift and mortgage.

Commercial and HR matters

Commercial contracts:
We may assist or review various commercial contracts for activities and administration of companies in Bangladesh, and provide advice on relevant legal and regulatory compliance requirements, and options for effective dispute resolution. We may file or defend proceedings in arbitration and at various courts for damages and remedies.

Employment and labour matters:
We may provide advice and assist in preparation and review of employment contracts and conditions of service, advice on voluntary/involuntary separations from service, statutory compliance and dispute resolution, including implications of contracts for services from independent contractors and outsourcing. We may conduct legal audits of offices and factories, and provide advice on strategies for reduction or elimination of gaps identified.